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Okay people. We have some good news and we have some bad news. I know that people generally want the bad news first before the good news, but in this case the good stuff will never cheer you up for what you're about to read. So let's just start with the good news.

Spread the Love!

The FF DVD is almost out and has been receiving some phenomenal reviews. Mostly because of the fact that the extras will have you glued to your TV for hours, but now the movie is getting some extra credit where it's due. About time! Here is one of the reviews that I highly recommend as reading material over the topic.

OPM (The Official Playstation Magazine) Nov. 2001 Issue~

"The graphics: Amazingly great, the sort of eye-popping stuff you just want to stare at over and over. Aki: the first entirely computer-generated woman you don't feel too freakishly geek-like to admit you find hot. Story: Weird sci-fi earth-hugging barf. But what a view. The DVD is a bundle of fun, too-features spanning two discs include commentary form the director, key artists and the composer, an interactive documentary, alternate scenes and minimovies, the ability to edit a scene from the film, and tons of production, character and design info. Worth getting for the DVD toys alone, and for the staring. Remember to blink." ~ John Scalzi

The DVD was give a Movie Score of 3 out of 5 Discs while the DVD Extras were a 5 out of 5 Discs. Quite possibly one of the few times this has happened in OPM history. A general okay for the movie and a big thumbs up for the DVD extra's.

It's the End of the World...Maybe Yes, Maybe No.

With conformation from a few outside articles as well as Jeff Vintar (Script Writer for TSW) at the Tomatoes Forum, the new multi-million dollar Hawaii studio will no longer be producing films at the current time. It is with the losses not only from the movie but from the economy as well that Square has decided to halt production on any more films.

"A log of good those exquisitely detailed eyes did Aki Ross -- her movie tanked anyway." ~ fenegi

"It is so hard to create anything at all...a script, a piece of furniture, a business. The world is out there ready to throw disappointment at you, to hit you with a curve ball, then another and another, anything that might destroy the dream. Long live the dream!" ~ Jeff Vintar

Don't think that the studio will be sitting around, collecting dust. The next two Final Fantasy games (FFXI and FFXII) will be created using the same filming technology used for TSW. Expect the unexpected in reality and gaming, taken to a whole new level. And who knows. Maybe in a few years when things turn around for the studio, another film could be on the way. For now everything involving the next film will be sitting on the shelf, hopefully to one day come down and be shown to the world.



Because It's A Thriller!

I think this proves that animators really do have too much free time on their hands. As a special bonus to the DVD, coming out in October, there is a music video...and it is a replica of Michael Jackson's 15 minute epic Thriller. We can only hope that the video will be full length. I'm sure the animation looks great...but Thriller? I mean come on. The only pics for this segment can be found at Square Source. Expect the horrors people. When you see the line of Aki, the DEEP EYES, General Hein, and Phantoms dancing, you know something is wrong.

DVD Features

Aside from the dance moves courtesy of the King of Pop (::buries heads in hands::), the FF:TSW DVD will be packing some interesting features. Interviews with the cast and crew as well as the producers and director. We love to see more interviews from Sakaguchi. ^_^ There will also be behind the scenes footage involving all the details about Square's new Hawaii studio and their new equipment. With what they paid for that stuff, they deserve to show it off. There will also be a set of deleted scenes from the film. Maybe even some scenes with baby talk...if you catch my drift. For the humor in us all, there are to be character and actor out-takes. Much like Pixar is well known for, some of these are intentional and some just managed to happen. From what I'm told it's funny stuff. The Double Disc DVD will be coming October 23rd, 2001.

Another Film on the Horizon

To answer your questions, Yes, No, No, Yes, No, and Maybe. Yes, Square is making another FF film. No, it will not be a sequel to TSW. No, it will not have a title involving Final Fantasy the moment. Yes, it will not be as pricey as TSW and is expected to be completed by June of 2003. No, it will not be a film for the Japanese audience. Sakaguchi still wants to release it to the American market. And maybe, if you are nice enough I'll give you more details. lol

Sakaguchi has already started production for the next film. Square has asked for three films, and they are expecting them. The concept for the story as well as the characters and voice actors are yet unknown. The good news is that Nobou Uematsu is heard to be working on the soundtrack for this film. Yahoo! I have nothing against Elliot Goldenthal, but Nobou is an FF legend and deserves to work on a film. The bad news is that we may not see the same old FF on the screen. Sakaguchi plans to take the FF story into different directions and make the film something more realistic for the audience to relate to.

Don't expect to be seeing magic, random battles, or summons such as Bahamut to hit the screen anytime soon. This is good and bad. Good for the fact that Sakaguchi is able to create a wide range of ideas without having to resort to the same material. Bad that the FF series on screen is not going to retain the attention that it should. There will also be a cameo by a teenage Aki in this film. She'll probably end up having a different name as well, but we will be able to tell who it is. And of course, expect a Cid/Sid to show up. It's not an FF without a Cid around. ^_^

The problem at the moment is funding and if and when Sony will sign on to the project. Though they were able to make up for some of the losses with the release in Japan as well the money from FFX. It's hard to say whether or not they will join up with the next movie. If not, then Sakaguchi and Square will be off to search for another company. If so, then there will be one more film to add to the Columbia Pictures line-up. It's all just a matter of time, effort, and money.

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A new look for the newest edition of my site. And it only took me two months for a change. I think that's a new record. I hope you enjoy it! ^_^
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